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Hanyu Jiaocheng Book 1 Part 2 Download teacweri




Mathematics for the International Student Mathematics for the International Student presents the language of mathematics to the student. The topics presented are those which are used in the study of other languages and emphasize the commonalities of the subject across all languages. Treatment of Stemmed Words The sections in this course are all devoted to a discussion of the general principles of the treatment of stemmed words (words with suffixes). The problem of the association of affixes with stems is of great interest to students of almost all languages. The principles of this problem are discussed in detail, together with various exercises in classification and the study of particular languages. Tone The first part of the course deals with the fundamental distinctions between the different tones of Chinese (i.e. the high, low, rising and falling tone). The sound pattern of Chinese is such that the tones of the two syllables following one another do not necessarily match, and it is this phenomenon which distinguishes Chinese from other languages. The principles of the different tones and the differences between them are discussed in a very systematic and comprehensible way. The second part of the course is devoted to a detailed study of the tone systems of Cantonese, Hakka and Mandarin Chinese. Particular attention is devoted to the structure and formation of syllables and tones, and the distinction between the articulation of tones in spoken Chinese and in Standard Mandarin Chinese. Tone in the Written Language This part of the course deals with the ways in which tones are expressed in Chinese. In order to facilitate the understanding of this part of the course, each tone is presented in a different form in order to show the various ways in which it can be represented in the written language. Differential Level of Tone This part of the course discusses the different meanings of the different tones at different levels of meaning. The class then discusses in detail the reasons why the tones found in spoken language differ from those found in written language. Tone, the Articulation of the Various Tones The courses are presented by means of a variety of exercises in which the student is given the opportunity to improve his knowledge of the various tones, the association of the tones with syllables, and their use in written Chinese. Tone, the Phonological Problems of Chinese This part of the course deals with the many different problems connected with the treatment of tone. In particular, the student will be given




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Hanyu Jiaocheng Book 1 Part 2 Download teacweri

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